White Elephant Ideas

White Elephant Ideas

Oct 23, 2023Bridget O'Neil

White Elephant gift exchanges are a cherished holiday tradition where participants bring both practical and hilariously entertaining gifts to swap. The objective is simple: to entertain, surprise, and bring laughter to family and friends. If you're on the hunt for unforgettable White Elephant gift ideas that are not only useful for everyday necessities but will also have everyone laughing, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we've curated a selection of presents that will ensure your gift shines as the star of the show.



Perfume Oil

Delight your recipient with a unique fragrance that adds a touch of individuality to their everyday routine. Choose from a wide selection of scents, from floral and fruity to sweet and everything in between. Wherever they go, this fragrance will make a lasting impression. 




Create a cozy atmosphere with a candle available in a variety of scents, whether it's sweet, fresh, or festive. Once the candle has melted away, the glass container can be easily repurposed as a makeup brush holder or a pencil holder.



Kitchen Tea Towel

Infuse some decor into the heart of their home with a kitchen tea towel adorned with a beautiful illustration. This practical yet amusing addition to their kitchen not only serves its purpose but also adds a touch of charm to their cooking space. 




Choose a mug adorned with a clever pun or an inspirational quote that's sure to infuse their daily sips with laughter and inspiration.




A quirky journal adds a touch of amusement to daily writing or sketching sessions. Look for one that encourages doodling, self-expression, or jotting down daily plans. It's a fun and functional gift that can inspire creativity and bring a smile to their face.



Salt Soak

Transform bath time into a soothing oasis with a luxurious salt soak. Elevate their self-care routine with the relaxation they deserve.



Body Butter

Indulge them with the gift of velvety-smooth skin using Body Butter. This moisturizing body butter will keep their skin hydrated, allowing them to enjoy a luxurious self-care experience.




Who doesn’t love jam? Choose from a delightful array of flavors like Raspberry Jalapeno, Strawberry Jalapeno, Hot Pepper, and even Bacon Jalapeno to add a unique twist to their dining experience.



Goats Milk Soap

Treat them to the gentle care of Goats Milk Soap, perfect for sensitive skin. This thoughtful gift combines practicality with pampering, ensuring they feel refreshed and rejuvenated.




Provide comfort with a Warmies plush stuffed animal that can be heated in the microwave. Choose a quirky animal shape, like a llama or sloth, for a gift.



Inflatable T-Rex Costume

Make them roar with laughter and step back in time with an inflatable T-Rex costume. It's an attention-grabbing present that promises laughs and memorable photos.



Burrito Blanket

This playful and cozy blanket is more than just a snuggle buddy; it's a hilarious twist on a cozy essential. Designed to resemble a giant burrito, it’ll wrap them up in layers of warmth. 



Bottle Open Cast Iron Fish

This bottle opener brings a dash of humor to their kitchen or bar with its fish-shaped design. It's not only a functional tool but also an entertaining addition.



Himalayan Salt on a Rope

Ever thought of gifting a rock? This Himalayan salt on a rope can be hung in the shower to create a spa-like atmosphere with the benefits of salt therapy. This unexpected gift will surely surprise the recipient and bring some laughter to the occasion.




Butt Station Desk Organizer

A desk organizer shaped like a man sitting on a toilet - holds pens, paperclips, and more. This hilarious desk accessory is sure to spark conversations and laughter at the office. 



Giant Wine Glass

Because a regular wine glass just isn't big enough. This colossal glassware adds an element of humor to wine time, making it a memorable present for any wine enjoyer.



Screaming Goat Toy

A tiny goat figurine that lets out a hilariously human-like scream that's bound to catch everyone off guard and trigger laughter. 



Hilarious Doormat

Gift a welcoming doormat adorned with a humorous or cheeky message, ensuring that each time their guests arrive, laughter accompanies the warm welcome.



Sloth Tea Infuser

A tea infuser shaped like a cute, slow-moving sloth. Its charmingly slow-paced design adds a touch of humor to their tea-making routine.




Bread Slippers

These are not your ordinary slippers, they're designed to look exactly like slices of bread. They're perfect for lounging around the house and will surely become a memorable addition to their cozy days.


White Elephant gift exchanges are all about surprises and laughter, and these one-of-a-kind gift ideas are crafted to deliver exactly that. Shop our White Elephant gift ideas and get ready to make your next gift exchange an unforgettable experience!

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