Apricot Pearadise Timeless Candle


Poured by Swan Creek Candle Co. the Apricot Pearadise Timeless Candle burns wonderfully and smells amazing... Filled with 12oz of American grown soy wax...

Measures 4"W x 5.25"H with a 75+ hour burn time!

Transport your home to a fruity pear-a-dise! Tart, white apricot and juicy pear blend with coconut milk, peach nectar and vanilla extract for an over-the-top luscious fruit concoction. Hints of sugared caramel and sweet musk balance the blend and tie it all together.

Top: White Apricot, Peach Nectar, Crisp Pear
Middle: Whipped Cream, Ripe Berries, Banana
Base: Vanilla Extract, Sweet Musk, Caramel