Message in A Bottle Earrings

Our Message In A Bottle Earrings come in 8 different designs...
- Gold Hamsa Hand - "The Hamsa hand amulet is believed to bring protection, happiness, good fortune & prosperity."
- Gold Evil Eyes - "The evil eye is used for good luck and protection. It is said that the evil eye protects its owner from negative energy."
- Gold Open Hearts - "When I count my blessings I count you twice."
- Feathers - "Feathers appear when angels are near."
- Gold Infinity & Heart - "Love you X forever."
- Gold Moons - "To the moon & back, always."
- Gold Lightning Bolts - "No one is you, & that is your superpower."
- Angel Wings - "Angels are watching over you, their wings wrap gently around you whispering you are loved & blessed."

These earrings each come with a card and a glass vial, perfect for gift giving. Each set of earrings is sterling silver plated.